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Having a habit of good gynecological care is essential to a woman’s lifelong health. At Ob-Gyne Associates of Lake Forest, Ltd., the skilled doctors help young women with their first appointment and answer questions about their periods, birth control, and other reproductive health concerns. The team of specialists understand the challenges facing adolescents and are especially helpful with it comes to providing adolescent gynecology care. If you live in the Lake Forest or Grayslake, Illinois, area and are looking for caring, compassionate, and expert OB/GYNs, phone the friendly, helpful office staff to set up an appointment or request an appointment online.

Adolescent Gynecology Q & A

When should an adolescent have her first gynecological appointment?

A girl benefits from first visiting our office when she’s between the ages of 13 and 15. This first appointment doesn’t usually involve a pelvic exam unless specific symptoms are reported. 

It serves more as an opportunity to create a relationship with our team, undergo a comprehensive physical, and ask any questions about sexuality, menstruation and birth control.

The process of going through puberty can be confusing and challenging for a teen girl. The team at Ob-Gyne Associates of Lake Forest, Ltd. understand this and are ready to help.

What are normal periods for an adolescent girl?

When a girl starts menstruation, the pattern may be unpredictable at first. It takes time to settle into a monthly pattern. Some girls notice little symptoms in addition to their periods apart from bleeding, while others experience cramps, bloating, headaches, and acne. 

If a teen finds her period interferes with school or other activities, consult the expert staff at Ob-Gyne Associates of Lake Forest, Ltd.

When should a teen seek gynecological care?

In addition to regular exams, a girl may seek medical advice if she:

  • Experiences severe pain or discomfort during her period
  • Has spotting or bleeding between periods
  • Bleeds heavily for longer than five to seven days
  • Struggles with severe PMS symptoms
  • Doesn’t have a cycle that’s settled into a regular pattern
  • Skips a period and thinks she may be pregnant

No question or concern is too trivial, especially when it involves gynecological health.

What is involved in a typical adolescent gynecology appointment?

A typical adolescent exam includes a consultation, a full medical assessment, and a minimally invasive exam. 

Annual pelvic exams and Pap smears are recommended for all women over the age of 18, but younger patients may receive a modified exam, especially if they aren’t sexually active.

A gynecological exam may be overwhelming and unsettling for a teenager, so the doctors carefully and thoroughly explain the exam process. A teen is given every opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns about their bodies as they enter adulthood. 

The team at Ob-Gyne Associates of Lake Forest, Ltd. is especially sensitive with younger patients and want to develop a long-lasting relationship based on trust.

To schedule a teen’s wellness care, call the office, or book online.