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If you want effective birth control that you don’t have to think about for up to three years, a Nexplanon® arm implant may be the solution you need. At Ob-Gyne Associates of Lake Forest, Ltd., the OB/GYN experts can insert, change, or remove your Nexplanon implant in the comfort and convenience of their offices. If you live in the Lake Forest or Grayslake, Illinois, area and are looking for caring, compassionate, and expert OB/GYNs, phone the friendly, helpful office staff to set up an appointment or request an appointment online.

Nexplanon Q & A

What is Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is an estrogen-free hormone implant that’s 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for up to three years. 

The implant contains 68 g of etonogestrel — a synthetic form of the hormone progestin — that’s released slowly and continuously to prevent you from releasing eggs from your ovaries. 

The hormone also thickens your cervical mucus, which prevents sperm from traveling in your reproductive system.

How long does Nexplanon work?

Your Nexplanon arm implant prevents pregnancy for up to three years. At that time, your OB/GYN at Ob-Gyne Associates of Lake Forest, Ltd., either replaces or removes your implant. You can’t leave the implant in your arm for more than three years.

What happens when I get Nexplanon?

If you’re in good health, not pregnant, and a candidate for Nexplanon, your OB/GYN schedules your implant based on your menstrual cycle. 

You may need to use a condom or other kind of contraception to prevent pregnancy for up to a week after your doctor places your implant. Before the insertion, your doctor tests to be sure you aren’t pregnant. 

After your doctor numbs and disinfects your arm, they insert the 1.6” Nexplanon implant. Once your doctor ensures the implant is in place by palpating your arm, they give you a small bandage to wear for up to five days and a pressure bandage that you wear for 24 hours.

What if I want to get pregnant before three years?

If you want to become pregnant before the three-year mark, your OB/GYN removes the Nexplanon implant so that you can conceive. 

Your cycle normalizes, and you could get pregnant as soon as one week after your doctor removes the implant. If you want to remove the implant but don’t want to get pregnant, your OB/GYN specialist recommends another form of effective birth control.

Does insurance cover Nexplanon?

Depending on the type of coverage you have, Nexplanon may qualify as a medical or pharmaceutical benefit. 

Call your insurance provider, and explain that Nexplanon is a physician-administered birth control drug, not a birth-control device. 

To find out if you’re a candidate for long-term birth control with the Nexplanon implant, call the friendly Ob-Gyne Associates of Lake Forest, Ltd. team, or use the online contact form.